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Rongkai Guo

Rongkai Guo (郭镕恺) is a Senior Business Development Manager at NVIDIA in China. I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Software Engineering and Game Design & Development at Kennesaw State University. After I was tenured and promoted to an Associate Professor, I chose to join NVIDIA to start a new journey as a BDM. Guo’s research interests are Serious Gaming, Computer/Mobile Gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), and has been doing research on the VR for rehabilitation project for more than four years. Guo conducted the FIRST basic research study IN THE WORLD that formally investigated how VR impacts persons with mobility impairments. Since 2010, Guo and Quarles have discovered that persons with mobility impairments have different reactions to a virtual environment than healthy persons, and have begun to derive generalizable guidelines for accessible virtual environment design, which has been published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

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Radio interview on VR for disabled persons


Dr. John Quarles, assistant professor of computer science, and Rongkai Guo, Ph.D.student, will be interviewed on the radio about their research on virtual reality for persons with disabilities. The interview will be at 8:10am, Thursday April 11, 2013 on The Harley Show on KRVL 94.3 Rev FM. KRVL is a Kerrville station but anyone can listen live 24/7 online at revfmradio.com.